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Breast Surgery Lymph Node Pain

I had a lumpectoy in June 05 and they removed 5 lymph nodes.  I am having terrible shoulder and elbow pain in my arm on that side.  I have been to so many doctors.  They have ruled out arthritis, bone cancer, pinched nerve, muscle spams......  I got off the Tamoxifen and started taking Celebrex which has helped some.  I have taken muscle relaxers, pain pills, etc.  I am still in tremendous pain and was wondering if I could have scar tissue that has built up under my arm from the lymph node surgery that could be tangled up with a nerve or muscle causing this pain.  Today, my arm almost feels numb like the blood flow is being restricted.  Can an X-Ray or MRI show scar tissue?

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Check the internet under 'Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome' as I have the same pain and its been a year and its constant and relentess.  I wont go into it as I could write a book.  There is Cancerlynx and Cancer care sites.  I think it will answer alot of your questions.  Drs dont know much about this syndrome, they have to be informed.  Lots of luv and luck to you.  Stay well.
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Hi.  There are a couple of post-mastectomy pain syndrome websites which provides excellent information about the causes and treatment of this condition. If you have the time, you can look these up:


I hope it helps.
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