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Breast abnormalities that may be linked to Breast Cancer

I am only 23, but my mother had breast cancer in her mid-thirties so I am very concious about things that can increase breast cancer risk.  My questions is:  I have never had ANY soreness in my breasts, does this in any way mean my breasts are not reacting the way most do during menstruation and could this be linked to breast cancer in any way?  I have just learned recently that very many women have soreness or pain in their breasts during/before periods.   ALSO... I have white pockets of puss (like tiny white heads) around my nipples.  Is this abnormal -- should I be concerned at all?
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Dear imegl, Women have many variations in how they react to hormonal changes that occur with the menstrual cycle.  Not having soreness during menstruation is not abnormal, nor does it indicate an increased risk for breast cancer.  The tiny white pockets of puss that you see are most likely the Montgomery glands which are a normal part of the breast anatomy.
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