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Breast abscess removal

Hi, I recently as in 5 days ago had a breast abscess surgically removed at the hospital.  It was an emergency type situation and was done straight away.  Two questions, one, i am a smoker between 8-10 a day and was given no relief from this while in hospital.  Upon leaving the doctor came to see me and said i am not to smoke and i replied i havent since being in here.  He responsed never again.  Will this do me damage if i have a few a day..  I know it is a bad habit but being required to stop so suddenly and then be told to never do it again is hard.  The second is while in hospital i was on intensive amounts of antibiotics, i have ongoing problems with abscess in both breasts and while one really flaired up the other one has to.  I have a small lump still in the one that was not removed, should the antibiotics i am still on heal the other one up as well???
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If you are on ongoing antibiotics, then this should address any other site of infection in your body (including the other one on the other breast) as long as the bacteria is susceptible.

Smoking can weaken the immune system and can really cause your body to be susceptible to infections, and these abscesses may be somewhat related to that weakened immunity.

While abruptly stopping nicotine intake (through smoking) may lead to withdrawal symptoms, some studies have shown that the most successfuly smoking quitters are those who employ the cold turkey approach.  Studies also show that those who quit slowly are most likely to fail in quitting.  I suggest that you ask your doctor about other quitting aids such as nicotine patches or drugs such as Champix.

Regards and God bless.
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Smoking definitely is NOT good for us ... since you had to stop while you were in hospital this would be a perfect time to quit permanently. That business about cutting back just doesn't work. You can't break a habit unless you stop completely. There are many aids avaiable today to lessen the withdrawal of nicotine. The antibiotics would certainly have an effect on any infection that is still present within your body.  Regards .....
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