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Breast and underarm pain

I had a breast biopsy 5 days ago to remove calcifications from my left breast and I'm still waiting for the test results.  Since the biopsy I've been having pain not only in the breast but also under my left arm. Is this normal? And should my breast be still tender after 5 days?

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It also helps to move your arm around rather than keeping it close to your body in a fixed place wich is ieasy to do when there is pain. Also, massage the area and your arm and axilla gently. KAT
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Yes, it's normal, also if you still have some bruising and.or swelling.

I think after a week this will get better, and you may want  to take some Advil which may help.

if this continues past a couple of days, call your doctor, OK? If the pain is severe, call for a stronger pain medicine.  KAT
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