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Breast biopsy prediction

I just has a mammogram (6 month followup) and a few days later they called me in for a core biopsy. After the biopsy,  I asked the doctor if he had any thoughts on the biopsy before I get the results he stated that
"it has changed a lot in 6 months and it is small, it is near the surface)

Does the fact it changed a lot in 6 months have any significance?
I know I need to wait for the test results, but I am so anxious.
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It might be significant that it changed in six months. If it is a growth don't assume it is cancerous. There are benign tumors as well. Or, it may not be a tumor at all.
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Thank you for your comments
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I think the wait for results is the worst part of a biopsy, at least for me it has been. Please try not to worry too much---the odds are in your favor for benign results. About 80% of biopsies come back benign---there are so many benign changes that it could be. Here's a web site with some very good information:
In the end you'll be 100% sure what's going on. I believe all the "what ifs" are way worse than knowing what is. Even the small percentage who end up with breast cancer diagnoses have every reason to be hopeful. Most are caught at an early stage (your changes have only been within six months) and are highly treatable. The important thing is to be vigilant, get screened and follow through on the recommendations if something unusual is found, as you've done.
Please let us know how you're doing, if you wish- just add a note to this thread. I'm wishing you all the very best.
A big hug from Michigan (    ),
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Thank you! I needed a hug.

I am resigned to waiting and trying not to worry, but you know it is like your life is on hold till you find out. I am keeping very busy, I spent the whole day yesterday washing my outside windows. I plan to do spring cleaning this week!!!

I am very lucky to have such good screening available to me. I wish I could tell all the women out there to get tested regularly.

If it turns out to be cancer I feel sure that I can beat it, after all, the odds are in my favour, with a 85% survival rate for women my age (59).

Thanks for the website info and I hope you are ok too.

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I think you'll do just fine---you sound like a strong, positive woman! Staying busy to keep your mind off the wait is an excellent idea. Take a little time to pamper yourself and do some fun things, too, OK?
Thanks for thinking of me---that's very nice of you. I'm doing fine---I only have LCIS diagnosed two years ago and get screened every six months. I'm also grateful for the good screening I get with mammo and MRI and I try not to dwell on the risk. It's hard not to listen to that little voice in the back of your mind saying, "What if I'm in that small percentage", but I just plan to take one day at a time and deal with what is. I focus on all the good things in my life which helps and I'm postive if the worst happened, I'm strong enough to deal with it.
I'll be thinking of you and hoping for the best.
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