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Breast bone pain

I have had breast pain in my right breast for a few weeks now.  The thing is, it is not my actual breast that hurts, it is like the bone under my breast.  It is very tender, especially when my 3 year old is wrestling with me.  Any suggestions on what this could be?  I am only 27, but because of a history of breast cancer in my family, I had a mammogram a few months ago.  They did it twice because they thought they saw something, but said that it was just a shadow.  Should I be worried?
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From your description, the pain on your chest could be secondary to costochondritis.  In this condition, there is inflammation of the bones and cartilage in the chest wall.  This may occur secondary to trauma (you mentioned that your 3 year old wrestles you).  You may want to take any non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) and see if the pain would go away.  You may also want to go back to your doctor for evaluation.
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Thank you very much for the info!!
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