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Breast cancer again

My wife had stage 1 breast cancer 5 years ago - mastectomy then Carboplatin/Taxotere/Herceptin, then finish a year on Herceptin, then reconstruction (silicone gummy bear implant) then Tamoxifen (1 yr) and Arimidex (3 yr).  After she finished Arimidex, a tumor showed up inside the scar tissue between the pectoral muscle in front of the impalnt and the skin.  Histology indicates it is from the original tumor.  It was excised with wide margins on all sides - no contact with either the muscle or skin.  Now she is getting radiation.  No one will say so outright but it appears that this tumor was simply something left over from the original surgery that floated around and landed on the pectoral scar tissue then got trapped when the reconstruction was done.  Now, we are getting a recommendation of chemotherapy again (xeloda & herceptin) with more AI to follow.  PET and CT were both negative for additional masses before the second surgery.  Why does anyone think chemo is necessary now?
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To answer your last question first .... since there has been this recurrence I personally would want to be as aggressive as possible in a treatment plan. I find it odd that she was not on the Arimidex longer that you state .... a total of 5 years is standard but there is evidence that even longer may be the way to go. If this is truly a recurrence I wouldn't exactly call it something that has been "floating around" all these years. Even one cell can produce a recurrence OR the stopping of the drugs that prevent the development of the hormones that some of these tumors depend upon to grow can open the door for these cells to begin to multiply. Her original tumor was positive for ER/PR or she wouldn't have been prescribed the Tamoxifen and Arimidex. Even with mastectomy there is always a chance of recurrence. We wish your Wife a successful treatment for this latest development.   Regards ....
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