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Breast cancer and bladder

Can anyone tell me if the breast cancer can spread to the bladder and how it would present itself.
I feel like I have an obstruction and Im worried that maybe it has spread to my bladder.  When I do urine tests whether positive or not, there is always blood in the urine.  I have severe pain.  IIt feelslikeI have to pee all the time and only tiny amounts come out. I was checked just last week and was clear for bladder infection. so I m thinking yeast infection,. Been on cipro. But yeast medicine not helping and it feels to swollen to  use applicator for yeast treatment. Extremely painful.  I can't even get the applicator in.  I am through with breast cancer treatment. Finished in October 2006. Finished radiation January 2007. Been on tamoxefin.  I am a two year survivor of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Stage IIIA. someone please help me out here.
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What you describe certainly sounds like a Urinary Tract infection of some sort. Breast cancer metastisis usually involves bone, lung, liver, brain and rarely colon. I personally have never heard of the bladder being affected. Did you see a Urologist ?? If not, I would advise you to do so.
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I agree with you that it does sound like a bladder or urinary tract infection but I just had it checked and it was clear. I am actually on cipro for a sinus infection. I have heard of one case where breast cancer had  spread to bladder but I wanted to hear if more cases had occured. I am checking with urologist tomorrow.  It is just strange that I have pain and infection symptoms 24/7 even when I don't have an infection. I knew the breast cancer spreads to brain, liver lung bone and all. I have even heard of a case where it spread to kidneys and stomach. Personaly, cancer is cancer and lymph nodes are lymph nodes. I don't trust either one of them.    
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