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Breast cancer at 16..

Hi, I have had lumps in my breast for a while now, like years. My right breast will swell and go back down but I have almost a rocklike lump. My breast are so sensitive almost to the point where I can't wear a bra. Not that I need one anyway. I'm 16, 135 lbs, and I still wear a 34b. But like I said the one on the right keeps swelling but it's not growth cause it goes back down. I'm just scared. I've read that it's very unlikely for a 16 year old to have bc but IT IS POSSIBLE! Please do not tell me that there is only a slight chance cause with my luck i would be that 1 to have it! For the ones who have been through this please help me. I haven't told my mom. They hurt so much! I can't even sleep on my stomach. This lump has never gotten this bad and it just makes me nervous! Thanks!
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First of all you NEED to talk to your Mother about this. You are correct in saying that Breast Cancer in someone your age would be VERY rare indeed. The lumpiness and discomfort however are not at all unusual. Hormone levels in the body very often cause the formation of either Cysts or Fibroadenomas, both of which are benign. These can also be related to your intake of caffeine. You really need to wear a good supportive bra (sports bra) as this will help with the discomfort. Cysts are fluid filled sacs that often become large and then smaller with the various hormone levels; Fibroadenomas are solid tumors that often only grow in size. These benign tumors can be removed if they are very large and cause a great deal of discomfort. So, (1) talk to your Mother, (2) see your family Dr. for an examination and explanation of these many hormonal changes that you are experiencing and (3) STOP worrying about BREAST CANCER !!
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