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Breast cancer in a male

Here this goes again:

This is my question concerning breast cancer in a male, a nodule with a solid component, irregular margins are tall and not wide, what does this mean?  Also if the person has an elevated prolactin level is this related to the breast. Can pituitary cells be regenerated into the breast?

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If a male patient has elevated prolactin levels, then the basic problem is in the pituitary gland which secretes this hormone.
Increased levels of prolacting may cause breast lump, pain, etc.
Please consult an endocrinologist at the earliest.
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Most breast lumps are not cancerous.A cystic pituitary tumour cannot cause breast cancer usually and the pituitary cancer cells are not documented to travel / reach the breast. Irreguar margins of the nodule could be seen with both a benign and malignant lesion but it definitely needs to be investigated further and a malignancy ruled out. In case of a sloid nodule , the further management would depend on the size , whether the size is increasing, are there any associated symptoms or not. What you need to do is get a clinical breast examination done by a physician. If he notices something amiss he will suggest further investigations. It would then be possible on the basis of these reports to decide whether a core needle biopsy or a surgical excision biopsy would be the preferred option in your case. Elevated prolactin levels are documented to increase risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal but no documented studies are available in males. Goodluck.
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DrBhumikaMD, thank you for your advice but I will continue to research on the National Cancer Institute's website where I have learned some valuable information already.  My docs just do not want to commit to telling me anything except "do not worry" which makes you worry more.  Males can get breast cancer just like women but there is still no cure for either of us unfortunately.

I will have to wait until my core biopsy is done which is coming up very shortly because they wanted it done right away and my docs have more answers which means I am going to want a ton of answers.

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How did the biopsy procedure go and have the reports come in yet?

How are you doing now?

Let us know about what has your doctor advised and any other information that you might be willing to share with us.

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