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Breast cancer reoccurrence

63 years old women diagnosed with breast cancer in Oct 2018.
Pathological Stage: pT2NoMx
Tumor size: 2.1 cm

Sentinal nodes are negative

Result of immunohistochemistry:
ER Positive, AllRed score 4/8
PR Negative, AllRed score 2/8
CerbB2: Negative
Ki-67 proliferation index: 85-90%

Tumor has been removed, Chemo and radio completed (3 cycles of EC followed by 3 cycles of Docetaxel at an interval of 21 days) in July 2019. Had a CT done this week to find out that cancer has progressed to the lymph node (a visible active cell).

This is shocking for me. I didn't expect it to come back so soon. Doctors can not do biopsy as it is very close to the lungs. They are suggesting to go with another chemo (Gemcitabine+Carboplatin).

Question -
1) Am i in stage IV cancer? Is it metastasis? Is it not curable? How much time do I have?
2) Any experience with Gemcitabine+Carboplatin - what's the chance that it will stop cell growth?
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I am sincerely sorry that this is their determination.  Is that definite?  I think it is always in a patients best interest if it is affordable to get a second opinion.  There are also some cancer centers that are better than others and I would seek the best based on reputation. Have you met for a treatment plan as of yet?  What about surgery?  That is almost always done as well.  Please let us know how you are doing!
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I want to express how sorry I am to read that you got this result this week.  That is always shocking and I'm sure you are filled with emotion and fear.  Please know that this is the best studied cancer I believe there is and that 'next steps' are more broadly defined with breast cancer than others.  You will need to confirm with your doctor, but  would guess it to be Stage 2A or 2B. There is even still potential that it could be classified at Stage 1.  Here is information that may help you. https://www.webmd.com/breast-cancer/stages-breast-cancer#1  When do you follow up with your physician?  We are here to support you through this.
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Just talked to my Doctor, they think its very aggressive and Stage IV since it has reoccurred and reached to lungs. I am so worried now. It seems there is no cure for this in medical science. We will just try different chemotherapy drugs to control the growth of cancer. Would life just be a downhill from here?
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