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Breast cancer worries

I'm 37 female 4 amazing kiddos. Breast feed all of them. Never had any breast or gynecological issues till last year. Apr 25th they found small cyst on right ovary about the size of an almond. Nine days later it was the size of a grapefruit and solid hemorrhagic mass. Had emergency removal on 5/1/16. Removed mass R ovary and Fallopian tubes. Fast forward to March of 2017 another mass and issue with my uterus. Spent 3 consecutive months in ER for abnormal uterine bleeding(was bleeding to death) ended up with left cystectomy of ovary and hysterectomy. Within 11 days two new masses appeared on my ovary both over 4cm and hemorrhagic. After 13 weeks and 6 more masses I returned to work but they placed me on depo to reduce my ovary from producing eggs.... no more cysts right. I wanted a mammogram... dr said your only 37.... I got the mammogram. Got called back three days later cause the found a mass. Went that day had diagnostic mammogram and US of my right breast. BIRADS 3 rating. Said wait 6 months. Pushed for MRI ( I am at 21.6% chance of Bc). Results came back quickly. Got a call two days later saying that it's doubled in size in 7 weeks and now they want another US to look at it.
Why after two mammograms, an US and MRI do I need another US???? Just do the biopsy and figure out what it is. I'm really nervous. Any advice for me???

Mammogram baseline 7/13/17
Mammogram diagnostic & US 7/19/17
MRI 9/17/17
US scheduled 9/22/17
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Oh and yes there was a new mass discovered last week on my ovary so depo not working!!!
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