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If you are from the Cleaveland Clinic, congrats, you have my greatest respect.  Question: had a mammogram:impression:"Spiculated mass with architectural distortion in the URQ of R breast. Also numerous microcalcifications are seen in this region." Radiologist recommends bx. Question is please tell me in simple terms what Spiculated means; I have read some on the internet, but give brief, simple defintition. Also, don't understand the term Architectural distortion. Can't find a definition. Please explain. Offer any other info you feel will help. I am mature and very grounded; you can be forthright and honest. Thank you so much!
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First of all,this Forum is a Community Forum.If you wish to have a response from the "Cleveland  Clinic"you can post in the Expert Forum.
In the meantime I will try to help you with a few things I know,since I also had a small spiculated lump that was detected 2 years ago. .
Architectural distortion is a vague way of saying there's something present which does not look the way normal breast tissue does.
A spiculated mass,means that the lump is not smooth but has the appearance of star like shape and it automatically raises suspicion requiring a biopsied to definitely know what this lump represents.
Spiculated lumps are often found to be malignant,but there are other similar lumps that could be other than that,like fat necrosis for one.
Nothing more I can add,except that only the biopsy will confirm the true nature of the lump.
Wishing you all the best...
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Thank you so much for your answer. Did you have cancer? Do you know what % of spicualted lumps are cancer? From what I read, architectural distortion is also not a good sign. My mammogram also said a number of microcalcifications were present in the same area, which the literature also said were not good. Can you shed light on any of this? How are you doing at this time?   I am new on the site, and still haven't figured out what I'm doing. Will you get this message, or where will it go?  Also, what does "Add to watch list: mean?  All of your sharing have been so helpful. My mom and grandma died of breast Ca, and my aunt died of airway, chest wall and many metastasis. It's kind of scary. My mother lived 17 good years before it spread to her neck vertebrae. She was in terrible pain.  I don't think the doctor gave her enough pain medicine. I wish my mom had known about this site. It is a God send for people who need support and information.  Thanks for all the brave and strong women that you all are.
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Welcome to our community!

"Add to watch list"  meants that you will be notified of any new posts added to any thread you have chosen to put on your "watch list."

This is automatically the case with a thread that you have started, but you can also add any other thread that interests you and that you want to follow.

I'll let zouzi answer the questions about herself when she gets here, but in regard to the % of spiculated lumps that turn out to be benign or malignant, I haven't seen any stats. There is really no way to know for sure what is there, except by biopsying it.

I can understand your anxiety, esp. due to the hx of BC in your grandmother and mother.  Wow, your mom really survived a long time! I'm just sorry her final time was so painful.  Normally every effort is made to provide pain control, and if one doctor isn't doing an adequate job, a different doctor or Hospice should be involved.

Things have improvved a lot in recent years, in regard both to early detection and effective treatments, and BC survival rates have increased.

I hope that all will be fine with you, but if not, lets hope it's been caught early!

Best wishes...

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p.s. If you continue to add your posts to this same thread, as you have just done, all of your information will be here in one place, which allows us to provide better answers.

Your thread will stay "on the board" until it drops down on the list, or over to a previous page, due new questions filling the space.  But anytime you or anyone else adds a new post to your thread, it will return to the top of the "front page."

Most of the regular answerers check the board frequently and keep an eye on the threads of people they have answered previously, and others may add a post (such as I have) even if they haven't "talked' with you before.
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Hi Laurie,
To answer your question,yes I had a small invasive spiculated tumor (Invasive Ductul Carcinoma IDC) detected on my Mammogram 2 years ago.I had surgery,radiation and I am now taking Arimidex to help prevent a recurrence.Thank God, right now I am doing just fine.
As I said in my previous post a spiculated mass is highly suspicious,but one never knows for sure until a biopsy is done.
Architectural distortion by itself is not a diagnosis of breast cancer. It just means that the tissue in the breast has been altered or disturbed. Microcalcification is a normal part of the aging process.In some situations, they can form around cancerous or precancerous conditions.If the calcifications are numerous, scattered throughout the breast, or large there tends to be less concern. However, when calcifications are clustered and small, the concern arises as to whether they are forming around an abnormality.
Bluebutterfly222 has been very helpful and I thank her for answering the rest of your questions. I agree with her,that only a biopsy will let you know what's going on.
I join "bb" in wishing you all the best and please let us know how things are proceeding.
Take care....
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