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Breast cancer

Mother had hx breast cancer age 65 Last July my mammogram and ultrasound revealed 6mm oval cyst and 7mm lobu cyst left breast I was told it was benign last month I have had pain and itchin in my left breast. Is it ok to wait for my annual mammo this July
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Hi there

I recommend that you monitor the pain and itching closely by keeping a journal

Take note of whether the pain correlates to your menstrual cycle (if this is applicable) and if the pain increases or decreases over the next few weeks

Look for any signs of redness on your breast or any visible lumps as there are more aggressive types of breast cancer that can cause pain, itching and rapid changes (Metaplastic and Inflammatory)

These carcinomas are very rare, so please be reassured that this isnt a likely scenario as Zouzi has provided a very informative and helpful post on the grading of cysts, with your appearing benign which is wonderful news!

Keeping the journal should reassure you as the symptoms of these carcinomas don't disappear but rapidly increase. Should this occur, contact your doctor again for a reassessment.

Best Wishes

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If both mammogram and ultrasound revealed tiny benign cysts,then I don't think you should be worried about it.A yearly follow up is standard procedure to make sure that there are no changes.
I understand that you are concerned,because you have a close family history of BC,but radiologists are quite able to distinguish between benign and suspicious abnormalities depending on their characteristics.If anything suspicious was detected,a biopsy would  have certainly been recommended.
There is a BIRADS(Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System)score stated on your Mammogram and Ultrasound.
BIRADS is a quality control system,used by radiologists after interpreting mammograms,ultrasound and MRIs.
This system allows radiologist to categorize the findings by numbers.The scores go from 0 to 5.The higher the number the more suspicious is the abnormality.
Yours could very well be a BIRADS 2 meaning Benign or Negative.Your breasts are same size and shape and tissue looks normal. Any cysts, fibroadenomas, or other masses appear benign.
Please remember to do your breast self exam monthly, one week after the start of your menstrual cycle,and if you notice any changes or if the pain increases,you should contact your doctor for evaluation.
All the best... and congratulations on your benign results! :)

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