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Breast cyst and blister

I have a cyst on my inner right breast, it is behind a scar from the removal of another cyst 2 years ago.  the scar has puffed out and looks like a big blister.  the top layer of skin has started peeling and oozing little bit of yellow puss and also bled like as if you split a chaped lip.  part of the scar looks as if it has a dark coloration like blood.  I have an appointment to have the cyst drained in a couple of weeks...i would like any advise as to what could be going on with the puffy scar.   and should i put anything on it .. like neosporan
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I'm not sure this is a cyst but rather perhaps an abscess. With the drainage (pus) that you describe I don't think I would wait a couple of weeks. This sounds like something that needs immediate attention as there seems to be some infection present here. If you can't see one of your own Dr.s this week I would go to an Urgent Care Facility for some treatment. I wouldn't put anything on it in the meantime since you don't really know what is going on within.   Regards .....
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