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Breast fibroid

Hi. I had a fibroid in my left breast when I was 17 (right now I am 27). My doctor suggested to remove it and then got the biopsy done on the fibroid which confirmed it benign. So I was relaxed. But with my fortune I moved from my native place and settled down in US. My gynecologist here did breast examination which is a part of preventive care. She found something smaller than 5 mm in size in the same  breast. she sent me for ultrasound. And they said it seems like a solid lump. They suggested me to go for Biopsy, My problem is I never discussed about the previously removed fibroid with my new doctor or even to my husband. I was scared of informing to my husband because I didn't want to talk abt something that was benign. Also I have no scar of surgery luckily. Currently my situation is weird. Will the biopsy disclose any kind of information of my previous surgery. Please help me.

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I am not sure if the fibroadenoma that was removed 10 years ago has formed a scar tissue which your doctor has palpated.
This new lump could be scar tissue, could be another fibroadenoma, and it could also be something more serious.
I guess that when you'll have your biopsy done,the pathologist results will state what was the finding.
I sincerely don't see any valid reason for not mentioning to your doctor that you had a benign Fibroadenoma removed 10 years ago.In my opinion,it's always better to discuss openly with your care provider everything that concerns your health.
Hoping that the new lump will be another benign finding.
Take care and best wishes...
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