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Breast lump at 20?

A couple months ago I had discovered a small lump on my breast, and it disappeared after my period thankfully. flash forward months later and it's back. I discovered it at the bottom of my right breast and went in for a manual breast exam with my doctor. She told me she definitely felt it, but it was probably nothing to worry about. She told me it was half a centimetre and movable. A few days later, that lump seemed to have vanished, and a new one appeared. It is palpable, at the top of my breast, exactly where it was the first time. It feels round and movable and I can feel a few other small lumps in the general area. I am booked for an ultra-sound but I need peace of mind, the fear is taking over my life. I am 20 years old, 105 pounds and have no family history, however I do smoke cigarettes. I have no skin changes or lumps under my arms. Could my right breast just be naturally lumpy? Could this actually be breast cancer?
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It’s a good thing that you are having an Ultrasound to find out if the lump/lumps in your breast are Cysts or Fibroadenomas (both benign)
From what you describe it sounds like you have Fibrocystic Breast changes which affects many women your age and older. Normally this condition tends to be bilateral but sometimes you can have more Fibrocystic involvement in one breast than in the other. The vast majorities of these lumps are harmless, very common and are known to increase in size and tenderness due to hormonal changes.
Reducing caffeine intake (coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate) can decrease water retention and may help alleviate pain and even shrink the cysts.
I wish you well and hopefully everything will turn out just fine for you. :)

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Update on the lump: it seems to have gotten much smaller and is not easily distinguishable anymore, however i've noticed its been sore and more sensitive lately. Still no signs of skin changes. Should this be any cause for concern? Still waiting for my ultra sound next thursday.
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Well,I don't think that you should be worried too much about it.
The fact that the lump is getting smaller and you have no skin changes is a very good sign.
Soreness could be due to hormones and also it could happen if you are pressing on the lump to check for its size.
Please let us know when you receive your Ultrasound results okay?
Best of luck to you!
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