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Breast lump biopsy

Hello, I am a 38 yr mom of 5, breast fed all my children, started my period at 12.  Recently visited my Dr for a physical. I brought his attention to a lump in my r breast on just outside the areola towards the underarm side.  I waited 3 weeks for a mam, then sent directly to the ultrasound room.  Two days later my dr called to tell me I needed a biopsy, the radiologist was concerned about "irregular margins", the lump is solid, immovable and irregular shaped.  I just got my call after waiting two weeks, my biopsy is in 5 weeks.  If they seriously thought this was cancer would they take this long.  They sound so grim and hurried on the phone but the actions dont justify the anxiety they  emulate.  I will undoubltedly have a ulcer diagnosed because of this before I ever know what the heck it is.  THe biopsy is u/s guided.  Can anyone shed any light on this, have you gone through this, is this wait standard. Are these circumstances standard.  Anything is appreciated   Juanita
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Dear Juanita, Different facilities have variations in their procedures for scheduling and availability of resources however, this does seem to be an unusually long wait for a biopsy.  You might want to check with your doctor again to see if there is a possibility to get this done in a more timely manner (it may be the doctor is unaware of the amount of time till your biopsy has been scheduled, and can help with moving up the time).  Another option would be to be referred to a breast surgeon if you have not seen one, they may be able to get this biopsied sooner.
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I know exactly how agonized you are-I had breast cancer 10 years ago.
I think I had to wait a couple of weeks for the biopsy, then, when it DID turn out to be cancer, they wanted to wait until after the first of the year to to the mastectomy! (was diagnosed I think, the first week of Dec).
First i said ok, then called back and tearfully told them I was a complete wreck and begged them to schedule it sooner.  So that's how I spent Christmas that year--had the mastec. on Dec23.
Worth it to me, cause the waiting is so awful

Call your doc back, tell them exactly what you said here--you are in agony and scared out of your mind.  I would go so far as to  tell them you may have to seek out another surgeon--no one understands the fear and panic you are in right now.  (Though truth be told, it would take you longer to find another surgeon). Perhaps your doc has a partner who could fit you in to his/her operating schedule sooner.  Tell them you don't care what time of day or what day of the week you are scheduled.  Bug them--call every day, if you have to!

I don't think it will make a lot of difference even if it DOES turn out to be cancer.  It is what it is, and even 5 weeks won't make a whole lot of difference.  

Maybe they can do a needle biopsy right in the office, and give you some sort of answer right then.  From what I have read, it is a simple matter and done all the time.

Post back and keep us informed--even just to vent your worries until you find out for sure.
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5 weeks probably doesn't affect cure; but it's an awfully long time to wait, emotionally. I agree you ought to be able to find a way to get it addressed sooner. When there's a feelable lump, a needle sample can be done as an office proceedure, taking literally a few seconds. Perhaps your doctor can arrange that as a beginning. There's no reason for an ultrasound guided biopsy unless it's NOT feelable; it sounds to me like the radiology department is calling the shots here, and, really, you ought to be getting a surgical referral.
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Waiting is the most frustrating part of all this.  I had a nearly 4 week wait to see the surgeon but once I got in there it was only another week before they did surgery.  Call and see what you can do to get in sooner.  Ask to be put on a cancellation list if you're able to go in on short notice.  You might also ask your GP or OB/GYN to intercede and see if they can help move things along.  In my case, my GP wanted to push things along sooner but I was in the midst of another turmoil and was content to wait to deal with this. They all acted very concerned about the mammography findings but it turned out to be a benign fibroadenoma.  Good luck and know the odds are with you.
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Thank you so much for your support and input.
I called the radiology dept and asked for the Dr.  ( after two weeks of waiting) and they called my Dr who in turn called me with a appt that day.  They asked if I had called, because of the "quick response". The referral is to the Head ( Chief) of radiology in Quinte HealthCare Belleville General Hospital here in Ont. Ca.  I live on a island and the hospital here is "not equipped" to perform this method.  
I will however call tomorrow and ask to be put on a cancellation list.
If you have istu cancer, can it turn to invasive cancer in this time?
Is it not a rush to catch it while its still in the breast or lymph nodes?

This is my third lump, my first was a fiberous mass that was the size of a walnut and was causing terrible itching and burning at the nipple, once removed it was fine. Also I had a cyst, the dr offered to send me to have it drained but I was comfortable leaving it as it wasnt causing any problems.  Both were in this breast also.
I believe that Doctor's forget the human element, they see people every day, many in fact.  THere are many more home pacing the floors waiting , when a few positive words would make the wait go by much faster!   Take Care   Juanita
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Maybe some doctors lose sight of the human element but I feel most are in this profession because they are compassionate.  Guess I was extremely lucky to have mammo, ultrasound, needle biopsy, excisional biopsy and lumpectomy done in a 4 week period!  Plus when I got the first results back that I had bc, the surgeon gave me his home phone so we could talk again that nite after the shock had worn off somewhat!
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I wish that that doctor, or one like him practiced near here!!!
OHIP has changed, we had a problem with doctors staying in desirable areas and more remote areas having constant problems attracting doctors.  Now a system is implimented where only a certain # of each kind of dr/specialist is permitted to work in any given area.  Sure this covers the short falls in rural Ontario, but causes a real backlog in urban areas.  This is in my opinon ( and many others) causing a "get to the point" " in and out" dr/patient relationship.  They don't have time to chat or be personable, they have a lobby full of people waiting, and are booking 3-6 months in advance for any kind of specialist.  Sad.   Juanita
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Dear Juanita,
I wish you the best.  I am currently awaiting my diagnosis and can relate to your feeling of anxiety.  Everything started out in a whirlwind as I was at the Breast Care Center for over five hours the day of my routine exam when my tumor was found.  I had numerous views taken, an ultrasound and was seen by a surgeon (I had a pre-scheduled appt. for him to look at my implants I thought were leaking) and a fine needle biopsy.  It was overwhelming and shocking.  That was 2 weeks ago.  My pathology report came back atypical suspicious, which I don't really understand, so I had to have a core biopsy that took over a week to get me in for and I won't have the results until Tuesday.  Hang in there and take care as I will say a prayer for you.

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