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Breast lump during pregnancy

I am 5w4d pregnant. I haven't said anything, but for the last few weeks, I have felt a lump on the insde of my left breast. It continues to increasingly get larger. It is sometimes tender, but not always. Most of the time, it just feels like a constant throb like someone is repeatedly poking me with a needle. To touch it, is not tender.

I called my OB's office about it and they said that the breasts can get lumpy in pregnancy, but usually not until the second trimester, and it shouldn't be just one lump, especially if it keeps getting bigger, and I should call my family doctor.

Has anyone else had a breast lump during their pregnancy and still had their baby? Was it benign and what did they do to treat it?
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Hi there!

I understand your concern regarding this.  It's true that breast lumps can be normal during pregnancy but one that progressively swells may have something else to it. I agree that you should make contact with your family doctor to have that assessed.  What will be more problematic is that mammograms and xrays cannot be done on a pregnant patient, and a breast ultrasound would likely assess the nature of that lump.  

More commonly these lumps are just due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, or to infections such as mastitis.  If there is a suspicion malignancy during examination or ultrasound then a biopsy might be performed (this procedure will be safe for the baby).

I hope this helps and pray that everything else will be uneventful.  Regards...
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I had a lump during, well, it was found BEFORE my second pregnancy, but we didn't biopsy it until AFTER I was 7 weeks pregnant.  It was malignant.  Now, here's your good news....I had Lauren in spite of all the surgeries and chemo.  She and I went through a simple mastectomy at 8 weeks, then started chemo at 13 weeks.  She had to be taken early so I could start chemo again, but she was fine.

Go, get lump looked at by a breast surgeon.  Make sure it isn't anything.  A hurting lump is usually, I say USUALLY, not indicative of cancer....HOWEVER not all lumps are the same.  Get it checked, let them find out what it is and have a happy pregnancy and a beautiful baby!

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Thank you to both. I guess what I'm most afraid of is that I'm young, I'm only 22 and the thought of possibly having cancer at such an age freaks me right out. Also, the fact that this is my fourth pregnancy and my last two pregnancies ended in miscarriage, I love this child already so much and even the thought of losing this child in any way, even to a lump, scares the living bejeebies out of me. Thanks for your advice. I'll call my doc this morning.
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Don't worry about losing the baby to the lump, just worry about keeping you healthy for the baby to be able to grow properly.  Let the docs take care of the lump, you take care of you and baby.  Make sure docs know that you are pregnant and that you are not going to terminate regardless.  There are things that can be done without termination.  You should have seen the look on my surgeon's face when I was EXPLICIT and EMPHATIC about that.  He thought I didn't understand the whole thing of stage III, well he didn't understand that the pregnancy was nothing short of a miracle.  And together, wow, what a miracle.

Take care of you, try to keep yourself calm, think on the baby to calm you...make sure you are drinking your water and getting some exercise each day.  And of course, watch what you eat...oh, if I could it over again, I would have eaten more fish during Lauren's pregnancy.  I read (afterwards) that eating more fish (tuna and whitefish and some salmon) can help in keeping eczema away or at bay (in the baby).

Deep breath, you may not have anything to worry over, but you should have it looked into, JIC.

If you would, keep us informed!
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I will. My appointment was a squeeze in scheduled for this Monday at 1:40pm.

I'd eat fish but I have an anaphylaxis allergy to it.
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Well, I guess eating fish would be a bad thing for you!  :)

Write back, if you would, on what the doc said.  Good luck to you and the baby!
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