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Breast "lump"

My son is almost 7 months old I stopped breastfeeding him at 6 weeks . I recently found a lump about 2 months ago Ive been thru 2 periods with it. I did end up going to a breast surgeon he suggested waiting 3 more months to see if it will go away bc he believes it to be a clogged lobe/duct in the gland tissue(?),  otherwise he will do a breast MRI.  Can milk really linger that long in a lobe if I stopped awhile back? What can I do to make it go away?
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It doesn't necessarily mean that milk is clogging the duct ... this can be just misc. debris. This can happen to women who aren't or haven't been nursing. I don't know of anything that you personally can do to make this go away .... time may take care of it or it may need to be lavaged (washed out). Please do see the Breast Surgeon at the end of the 3 months for the additional testing that was advised.   Regards ....
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Thank you for your response. I do plan on going in Jan although I really wish it would just go away.
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Maybe it will .... it's certainly possible; our bodies can often heal themselves and time is a wonderful helper.. Take care now.
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does debris cause nipple discharge my nipple starting leaking today all on its own and  def one-sided ?
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Breast discharge can occur for no reason at all but is very likely to happen when there is a problem with one of the milk ducts. Above all PLEASE DO NOT squeeze the breast or nipple area as this will only cause more discharge. You might call the Dr.s office and tell them you are willing to come in on short notice if they should have a cancellation before your scheduled appointment. There is also a possibility that you may get your wish for it going away on it's own since some discharge has been produced. If you are terribly concerned then call the office and report the discharge .... they may have some additional advice or suggestions.  Take care ....
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