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Breast lump

I have had a sore area in my breast for almost a year now which has a lump which varies in size depending on the time of my cycle. It is larger and more painful from ovulation till my period.I saw a doctor in May who could not feel it and advised a mammogram but only because I was concerned. I then discovered I was pregnant (I subsequently lost the baby) so I could not have the mamm. I called up the doctor who said it was not important because he did not think it was anything anyway so to wait till I had had the baby .Since losing the baby I have not been able to book the mammogram but I really don't want to put myself through one anyway as the thought of a mammogram has always terrified me (I think because of a bad experience my mum had) . The lump seems to be ever so slightly bigger (perfectly oval and about 1/2 cm diameter free moving) over the last 2 months but i don't know if i am imagining this . For 2 months it was not sore after I lost the baby but has now started to be again . I stopped breastfeeding my last (6th) child over a year ago and still produce milk when I try to express it but this seems normal for me as it did not dry up for well over a year after my fifth had finished feeding. Iam worried about the soreness and the lump but really more so about the mammogram .Do you feel it is necessary. Iam also concerned that if it was cancer after I have waited a year it would be untreatable anyway.I live in Spain so it is really difficult to communicate my worries to the doctors here and i cannot afford the private english speaking one i  used last time
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Dear heath1:  A lump that is sore and varies in size with the cycle is common in women with fibrocystic breast tissue.  Having said that, if you feel that the lump has gotten larger, it may warrant further investigation.  Most women tolerate mammograms quite well and although they are uncomfortable, the pain is generally short-lived.  Without examination, we cannot speculate on what this might be or whether further evaluation is warranted.  A discussion with your doctor would probably be most helpful.  If you can only go to a Spanish speaking doctor, perhaps you can take a friend who is bilingual and can help you get your questions answered.
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Thankyou for your quick answer . Can I just say it is not so much the pain but the process that freaks me . I can;t handle medical stuff with privacy things. Also can I ask your view on my worry that I have left it too long as I have had this a year now, I have no other symptoms and I am 40 years old .Your time is very much appreciated as i am a very private person and the anonymity helps
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i have a lump on my right breast for almost 3 or 4 years now, i just kept ignoring it, for i was scared, for they might remove my breast.til such tym i felt a pain in my breast,its uncomfortable,im scared..could this mean a breast cancer? help.
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You need to post this as a question to the doctor I think as I don't think they will answer you on a link question . Think 4 years is a long time if it has not got bigger though,Will probably be a cyst or something .My answer seemed to be saying that the important thing after a long time was if it had grown or not
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