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Breast lumps, 8 yr arnpit lump, and white discharge

I am a 33 and scared of bc. At 18, I had a spon/ discharge from 1 breast- a 1 time deal and clear. Never thought much about it until now. Well,I've always had dc, usually green or yel/green in each brst upon manipulation. My bs never felt lumpy, just noticed when I did the check. I asked a few doctors and they didn't notice on exam.  I always went to my yrly and  my br check since I was 22. Occasionally, I would ask my OGYN or asst about the discharge, and none of them seemed troubled.. Also, at 25 yrs, I noticed a lump near my armpit about the size of a pea-hard/rubbery texture. I had around 4-5 different drs look at it, even dermatologist, who didn't seem to think it was breast related; however, 1 doc wanted to give me a strange antibiotic for a few wks, which I didn't take at the time,perhaps I should've. I had a baby 2 1/2 years ago/b-fed for 6 mos. My bf didn't come easily and the questionable side was more prone to milk production. My breasts would get lumpy due to milk. Well, before lo was born, I had my OBGYN check my dc again. Lab work of dc- negative. Now, I went to another OBGYN and asked her about my scares as I am still having white dc in 1 breast, both bs feel  lumpy and I still have arm lump. I'm a mess. The OBGYN said she didn't see or feel anything other than the armpit thing(she said she didn't think it was a big deal) however, she referred me to a surgeon to check my bs but I have decided to go to a diff dr to  check things immediately or on site. Is there anything else positive that this can be? I am so scared. I have so many lumps I can't tell one from the other. There is 1 lump in my right breast which is on the same scary side that feels like a golf ball; however I can almost get the sensation from the other side when testing, but it is more dominate on the other. I hope I can get some answers. I had a hormone test done at the other place and things came back normal, but now I am thinking that is a bad sign-what else could cause this? Thanks.
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Hi there.

I understand your concern.  If you really would like to establish the nature of these lumps (most commonly these are benign) you may want to discuss with your doctors regarding tests like mammogram, ultrasound, or MRI, whichever your doctors feel appropriate.  For nursing mothers, most commonly these can be due to increased milk production.  The chronic breast discharge can be a sign of increased hormonal stimulation of the breast lobules, and if all the tests turn out to be negative, this may indeed be nothing to get worried about.  Some other causes of breast discharges include infection (bacteria, mycobacteria, etc), or presence of benign lesions such as papilloma.  I suggest you discuss these possibilities with your doctors and hopefully some definitive tests can be done.  Regards.
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Thank you Paul MD. I am going to discuss this with the dr this week. I do hope this will be a positive experience. On one side of my breast,(in the questionable area) I have noticed that there is definitely a section that seems to have a rounded lump, but at the same time, I can almost duplicate this on the other, but it is much more smaller. I am clueless to what this could be besides something bad. I didn't feel this lumpy until I had my child.  I had a hard time with breastfeeding 2 years ago, and it seems like I can't judge the lumps, though. I did feed primarily on the right, as that is the same area with white discharge. My son had a preference to that side, and I dried up quickly on the other-couldn't get as much milk on that one, plus I was trying to ween after a point and it was easier to feed from my right (the questionable side). I feel guilty as I should've gone to the drs right away. I was miffed with some things that went on during delivery w/my last group, so I switched. My postpartum was with the new dr, but I am not pleased w/her either. I just don't like the idea that I have white discharge on one side like that and so many lumps. I wish my body would get back to normal. Thanks for your post. It is so nice to get a response on this issue. In the meantime, I am saying lots of prayers that this is ok. You and the other medhelp drs are such a great resource to have. Thanks:)
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No problem.  Regards...
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Also, does the armpit lump for 7-8 yrs seem to indicate concern? I had this checked by at least 4-5 physicians who didn't think it was related-one was going to given an antibiotic but didn't press things further. I am hoping it isn't something invasive. This is about the size of a pea or pencil eraser under the skin. Not directly under the armpit, but near it and the breast. I am so troubled. Thanks:)
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