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Breast lumps. Please help...

So in the last month I've had multiple breast lumps. Not painful, movable but sometimes tender. Just when I work myself thinking it HAS to be cancer, they disappear. Now today my breast is sore, yet again, and a new lump has appeared right on top of my ribcage under my breast. I don't know what to think or do anymore. I can't tell if it's orange peel skin, or normal hair follicles on my breast. I can't tell if it's dimpling, or stretch marks. I can't tell if these lumps move properly or not. Ive been to the doctor, I've done the exam. I'm waiting for my ultra sound next week, but even after the appointment I wont have my results for weeks. Im at a loss. I don't really know whats normal in a breast and whats cancer. I dont know if these changes are happening or if its always been there. I have no idea if this is all in my head or if at 20 years old I should be worried about breast cancer. Can someone please help me by breaking down the specifics in detail about signs to watch for? Describe where the lumps in your armpits are found specifically, or if hair follicles are normal on a breast or if stretch marks can be confused with dimpling.
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First of all, a cancerous lump would be fixed, hard, irregularly shaped and almost always painless,but tender and movable lumps that appear and disappear are NOT indicative of breast cancer. As I mentioned before, these lumps in your breast are most likely cysts or Fibroadenomas which are both benign in nature.I wish I could help you more to alleviate your fears,but we cannot diagnose anything over the Internet…. These lumps have to be investigated to know exactly what they are. You are going to have an Ultrasound soon and that’s the test you need to find out what’s going on.
Hair follicles can develop anywhere in the body including the breasts. If there is a lump in your armpit,you will surely feel it when you palpate the axilla area.
In my opinion you are jumping to conclusions by thinking you could have breast cancer…Most probably it’s not what you think at all..Just go ahead and have your Ultrasound test to clarify everything.The results should be available between 4/7 working days and not weeks.
Hang in there and please don’t worry so much okay? I am sure you’ll be just fine.
Take care…
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A few days ago I had my ultrasound. It was a strange experience because the ultrasound technician first felt the lump, then told me it felt like normal breast tissue (when my GP told me she noticed that it was most definitely a lump) then did the ultrasound, I watched her as she did that ultrasound and she kept saying there was nothing there, not even a cyst. Just dense breast tissue. And she was right, because nothing was showing up on the picture. However, the lump is palpable still , sore and unilateral. My nipple and breast is swollen and the areola is has a dark contour. I don't know if I should push for anything more. She sounded so convinced that I was fine, but I have yet to hear my results from the radiologist. I know that ultrasound. The lump is sore, and isn't going away. Can I finally relax?
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I too think you may be over reacting to a case of dense and lumpy breast tissue. If you have these serious doubts I suggest that you make an appointment with a Breast Specialist who I'm sure will be able to answer all your concerns. Meaning no disrespect to the Technician, you need the opinion and advice of a Specialist rather than base your feelings on anything else you hear. At your age this lumpy and often very uncomfortable breast tissue is not all rare. Both cysts and fibroadenomas can come and go, be painful or not and will most likely always have some effect on the skin of the breast.  The Ultrasound report in full should reach your prescribing Physician within a week and you can ask for a copy to read for yourself. It should be explained in detail by your Dr. or a Nurse in his/her office so that you understand exactly what the terms mean. Take care,  try to relax and see a Specialist if your own Dr. doesn't ease your mind concerning this issue.   Regards .....
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