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Breast oddities

I am being worked up for other issues but this one is of particular concern to me tonight as I am currently experiencing an episode.

When my daughter was born I had barely any milk supply. I had to really fight to even breast feed something (about an ounce a feeding) to my daughter for 8 weeks. Never felt full or engorged. No real let down sensations. A year later I started having random leaking that would soak my shirt, usually after taking of my bra. It went on ffrequently for a few months, prolactin levels normal, mammogram stated tissue was to dense for clear reading. Then it subsided to infrequent happenings. A couple months ago it started again. Only left breast, though I have a sensation that must be like let down in both. They both get firm and hot. But only the left burns immeasurably. I have had a lump or two that was said to be cystic changes but followed none the less. The burning is getting much worse, and the last few times my left breast just outside the areola toward midline gets very red and hot. Only cold packs seem to help eleviate the sensation and they last longer and longer. I saw my doctor monday for an exam where she stated she felt nothing of concern, retested the prolactin and all was normal. No signs of infection, nothing of note on the exam. I do not believe it is cancer. I am concerned that there is something wrong though. The burning is very very intense and I have had infrequent incredible pain in my left breast that felt as though someone was ripping my nipple off from the inside. I also get very dry chapped nipples all the time and when not leaking clear fluid, there is often a crusty powder noted. (Also get what looks like a blackhead on the same duct opening at least every few days that can be scrapped or removed like a blackhead) Is this what mastitis is like? Could it be an underlying infection for the last 2 years?
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First of all Mastitis can occur most any time .... not only when you are nursing and this is an infection treated with antibiotics. If left untreated an abscess may well form. I suppose you could also have some other type of ductal problem. Ducts can become clogged but ductal lavage (washing) can be done or a special study (ductogram) can be done. You might be wise to consult a Breast Specialist concerning these breast issues.   Regards ....
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Thank you for responding. It appears it may not be a breast issue at all... perhaps. THe last several days I have had severe burning bilat. Sometimes discolored, but mostly not. Ice is all that helps. But it has spread across my chest to my axilla... so I would fair to guess it is not my breasts. I am being worked up for other things, sich as MS which can cause burning such as this. I thank you for your answering me straight when I was just a head case with worry.
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I didn't think for a minute that you were a head case with worry ..... you are correct about the MS thing and I think you probably have a right to worry even though it never helps.  Best of luck with the further investigation ......
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