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Breast pain and lump

Hello. I am very nervous tonight, and figured I post and what you bright ladies (and possible gents) think.

I saw my primary earlier this week for abnormal vaginal discharge/blood, severe pelvic pain, nausea, and breast pain.  

She did an exam (not cool at all), and felt a lump on the outside of my left breast, and ordered a bilateral breast U/S "just to be sure it is just a cyst".  Also, the pain and discharge are due to a yeast infection, which I am on antibiotics for.

I am a 29, almost 30 (eww) year old woman. No children. Not ever sexually active. On birth control over 10 years for abnormal periods.

Could the pelvic pain, bleeding/discharge, no real appetite (for weeks), and breast problems all be related?

Thanks for reading.
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NO .. I see no connection between the two unless it proves to be hormone related. Breast cysts are often related to hormone levels in the body. I'm sure that the determination about the lump in your breast will come in the report after you have your ultrasound exam. Should you have concerns or questions following your US please don't hesitate to return here and post using this same thread.  Regards ....
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I would keep an eye on the pelvic pain and no appetite. It could be normal women stuff but if you start losing weight push your doctors for an answer. Especially if you are nauseated or extremely bloated. Many things resolve on there own. Doctors count on us to know our bodies and know if something just is not right and not getting better.

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