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Breast pain

Six months ago, I had an abscess in my breast (I AM NOT BREAST FEEDING), and it was aspirated after mammogram and US.  Since that time, I feel strong pain and heaviness at that breast.  I made lately another ultrasound and it showed a scar tissue after the abscess and a few thin-walled cysts up to 19 mm on both sides. I want just to know what can be there to cause that continuous pain, it is not the cysts because I have them in both breasts and the pain is only at the breast which was aspirated.  What shall I do else than taking a pain killer? please help.  Thank you in advance.
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Dear Delfie, Breast pain is usually associated with a benign (non-cancerous) condition.  Although often the reason for breast pain is not clearly understood.  In your situation it sounds like the cysts could be part of the problem, or perhaps the scar tissue is the culprit.  You could seek the advice of a breast specialist (a physician who deals with breast problems) to evaluate and help you with the discomfort.

Some recommendations for treatment of breast pain involve simple comfort measures such as a supportive or exercise bra, or application of warm or cold packs.  Caffeine avoidance, limit salt intake and reduction of dietary fat may also help.
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