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Breast reconstruction

How soon after treatment has finished should we consider recontruction?  Thinking of having other breast removed and reconstruction (bilateral).  Im 42 years of age was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 3 no lymph node involvement and other DCI insitu on same breast had the mastectomy 6 months of chemo (FEC100) and 25 shots of radiation over by the end of November 2007.  Still nervous and concerned about reoccurence!! Like most of us.
Opinions wanted and experiences most welcomed>
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Dear Maude1610:  There is no magic answer for the right time to consider reconstruction.  This is something that should be discussed with your oncologist and a plastic surgeon (preferably one who is experienced in reconstruction after cancer therapy).  There are a variety of considerations and options that would need to be discussed in the context of your situation.
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No experience (personal) concerning reconstruction but this is an issue that should be discussed in depth with both your Oncologist and Plastic Surgeon. May I suggest the following website where you will find a wealth of experience from women who have been there. Click on the "surgery/reconstruction" section ... bcsupport.org
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Thank you going to check out that site now!!
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