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Not sure what I should do already seen a doctor. But I had a swollen lymp node in my right armpit that has gone away. Now for over a month before my period, on my period, and after my period I've had breast pain in my left breast. Went to a doctor wasn't really to happy with how I was treated I am 23 years old so of course they gave me the basic answers to being worried about my breast from it could be hormones, or they don't want to do a mammogram because of the exposure to radiation and as well as how breast are dense because I'm young and practically that could cause me harm for no reason. Ok fine but even down to the point of doing an ultrasound to atleast be sure nothing is going on they talked me out of it well it's not pinpointed because you had a swallen lymph node in your right arm pit but experiencing pain on your left. I was on my period at the time witch normally I don't get breast tenderness witch started before my period. Went to the doctor while I was on my period was expecting them to tell me that because it's true most breast pains are from hormones. It's been a week I'm off it still feeling breast soreness and they feel lumpy big lumps small lumps. Also feel like something wants to come out my nipple. Not sure if I am psyching myself out or should I go get a second opinion. Not interested in getting a mammogram since it's not a good detecting device in younger women but maybe go get an ultrasound so I can be sure.
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First of all,breast pain is rarely associated with breast cancer. It’s true that most of the time painful breasts are caused by hormone imbalance and lumpiness is not unusual in young women your age.But there there are also other factors that could cause pain,such as nerve entrapment syndromes, disorders of the chest wall or ribs that can cause pain in the tissue of the breast as the only symptom.I agree that it's very important that you want to make sure about what is causing the pain you are experiencing.
I would advise you to consult a Breast Specialist as a first step and ask for an Ultrasound, if the test is negative,you can then see a Spinal Specialist and Neurologist as well who may run some type of testing to look at all surrounding bone structure, soft tissue, and nearby organs to rule out other underlying causes.
In the meantime, avoid caffeine and chocolate, reduce salt intake,apply warm compresses to the sore area. You know, diagnostics and treatment vary widely from  physician to physician; it never hurts to get a second opinion.
Best wishes and hoping you’ll feel better soon.
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