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Hello, I am 13 (14 in March) and a few weeks ago, I was sore on the bottom part of my left breast. I quit wearing a bra for a couple weeks thinking that was what it was and the pain did eventually go away. But now I just noticed that right around that area I found a sort of oval-y shaped lump at the base of breast. It is fairly large I guess and it doesn't really hurt more than normal, maybe some, but the lump, while it is still part of my breast area, extends down farther on my chest so that if I raise my arms I can see it. I've checked the other one out and found nothing too similar in that area, but I did also notice more lumps that are probably just cysts or a fibro-whatevers because I think my period is due sometime soon.

But the lump, I've noticed for a week or two (or three-I really can't remember) and I don't know if it was there earlier or something but I should have noticed it (or not... I'm not the most observant person). The lump is not hard, but not smooth... it feels like it is made of other things or something... I don't know. Wow, I don't know much, do I?  :(  But it moves around, just not as much as the other lumps I've felt before.

I'm sorta scared that its cancer.... My mom has cancer (NOT BREAST CANCER), and she said it is not genetic, but I'm worried, thats all. I've become sort of a hypochondriac since my mom has been ill. Could I just be growing or something? Please help. Oh, and also, I have no idea if this is related, but just today, I noticed that sort of somewhere on the side of my breast it hurts some when I breathe or when my ribs expand. Not all the time, and it on;y lasts less than a second, but I just thought I'd mention that.

Thank you in advance. =)

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Oh, and the pain when I breathe may be a rib or something in that proximity.... It's hard to pinpoint an exact location.

-Kate again
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Hi there, I remember you from when you posted before. Did you go to your Dr. like we advised you to do for an examination and possibly some testing and an explanation about Fibrocystic Breast Condition? If not, PLEASE do this NOW. You seem to know about these breast cysts and shouldn't be worrying about breast cancer; especially at your young age. There are some things you can do to lessen the discomfort caused by these lumps; in fact we may have mentioned this to you previously. PLEASE stop this worrying and see your family Dr. and get his/her advice about this breast condition.  Best Wishes .....
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