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Breasts pain

Hello to all i have a question to ask..for the past weeks i have been experiencing extreme pains in my right breast.
the pain goes down to my underarm ans stays there for about a few minutes.
It's kind of comparible to a hot metal spike driven throught your breast...like my heart has stopped,i wondered if it is breast cancer or a heart attack but it happens very often.even ive really that my heart rate goes up when it happens.im experiencing fatigue,pains,short of breath and i cannot breathe when it happens.if i breathe it gets worse so i hold it...should i go and see a doctor or will it pass.and what do you think it is.
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I think you absolutely should make a doctor appointment because of the shortness of breath. If you've been experiencing this for several weeks I don't think it's going away on it's own. I think you need to find out what is causing this. Best wishes
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this sounds very similar to what i have and i suffer from panic attcks have u been under a lot of stress do not worry about an heart attack if this was one the pain definitly would not be going away and coming back again it would be there constantly and get worse and worse and worse also a healthy heart beat is between 80-100 beats a minute if u jus place 2 fingers on ur wrist not ur thumb count up to a minute and u can tell ur heart rate if ur heart rate beats 200 minutes a min then there is something serious and u need to get to a+e straight away. and it could be muscle pain although it may not feel ,like it coz it is so bad it could be also when you panic you muscle contract across your chest to you collerbones causing you to feel out of breath and cannot breath. im sure everything will be fine although if u r still worried go down to the doctors and ask for an e.c.g and some routine blood tests if you have not had any done in the last 6 months. please dont worry it will only make it worse. :)
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