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Bruised feeling under left breast

Found this post dated back in 2010 that describes what is happening to me right now perfectly:
"Under my left breast, at my bra line, it feels like I have a deep bruise.  It doesn't feel like the rib is bruised, though it may be.  It feels more like the muscle/tissue.  I have large breasts but, do not wear an underwire bra.  I noticed this about 4 days ago and it is not changing (better or worse). I haven't done anything out of the ordinary that I can think of that would have caused strain or bruising.... not sure what to do!"
Mine just started this evening, but it has been keeping me up all night - can't sleep because I cannot get comfortable. There is no visible bruise, but it hurts as if there were. The pain is not on the breast itself, but under it, in the ribcage area - as she says, where the bra line is. My bra is definitely not too tight. If anything, it may be a bit too loose. Can not enough support cause something like this? But it's odd it's only on one side.
There were no helpful replies to the lady who posted the earlier message back in 2010. Hoping someone out there has an idea what could cause / help this?

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I don’t think your problem is related to a breast condition.Pain under your left breast, could be due to several things. For example,Costochondritis, (chest wall  inflammation) flatulence,ulcer,angina, pulled muscle,acid reflux, stomach inflammation etc...All these symptoms could very well cause the pain you are describing.
Therefore,,if I were you, I would  consult a doctor as soon as possible to diagnose the underlying cause.
Best wishes..
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I have the same pain- have you received any answers?
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"justlynn01" might not see your post in the Forum,but if you wish,you can send her a private message by pointing your cursor on her screen name and then click on message.I hope you get an answer from her,but please note that your condition might not be the same as hers....Many disorders could cause pain under the left breast,so the best thing to do, is to see your Doctor for an evaluation okay?.
Take care..
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