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Burning Male Nipples in shower

I am a 51 y/o male, 5.7", 150 lbs that started experiencing burning and extreme sensitivity in my nipples while in the shower for the past two days.  The burning and sensitivity went away shortly after the shower.  It does not matter if cold or hot water shower.  I do not take any estrogen or other stimulants, do not drink, am a vegeterian.  It is not sexual arousal related.  It is not related to cotton or polyester or silk or any other kind of clothing item I am wearing.  It is not related to weight lifting or jogging or exercise since I have been exercising regularly three times a week for the past 25 years and the routine has not changed--jogging, lifting weight, stretching.  I looked up for possible reasons on the Web but no luck.  Please help.
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This sounds like an allergy,not necessarily caused by the clothing you are wearing but maybe the soap with which you wash your clothes.
If you don't think that the burning sensation in your nipples is caused by an allergy,then it could be that your nipples might be irritated for one reason or another and any pressure on (shower jet) them could cause the pain you are experiencing.
Try putting some lotion like "lansinoh"on your nipples before and after showering.This is a lotion used by breast feeding mothers,but it works wonder on sore and burning nipples.
I don't think that your problem has anything to do with breast cancer,since it's happening on both your nipples.However,if things don't get better in a week or two,I would advise you to consult your doctor for a breast exam to see if it could be related to a skin or hormonal problem.
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