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Burning Sensation on right breast

Hi, I just turned 35, and for the past few months I have been experiencing a burning sensation inside my right breast.  I feel a lump close to the base of my breast, but this burning sensation feels more pronounced close to the surface of my breast.  I haven't had my period for 2 years but I'm not anemic.  My doctor said that there is no problem, that it could be early menopause, but I'm not sure.  I get cold whenever the temperature is below 84 degrees (I'm always cold) and I'm always tired.  I  don't want to be paranoic.  Are my symptoms consistent with early menopause, or is there something else?
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Dear Juliet6298:  This is a breast cancer forum and this is our expertise.  In terms of your lump and discomfort, this should be evaluated by your doctor.  Regarding your other symptoms, a gynecologist could determine if you are menopausal.  Your primary care doctor can evaluate your other problems.
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