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Burning and pain in left breast implant

I have had breast implants for 7 years now (Mentor, saline filled) for the past 5 months I have been having terrible joint/bone pain, rashes, itching, numbness in fingers and arms and my hair has been falling out. I went to a dermatologist and MD and went thru many of tests, blood work, etc. They can not find anything wrong with me. I was sent home with not much help except to go see a arthritus specialist and the nuerologist. (I am only 29 years old and in top notch physical health) I called my implant doctor because I have been researching on the internet that these symptoms can be the cause of having breast implants. My doctor keeps assuring me that this is not the problem. For the past 2 months I am now having a burning sensation and pain in my left breast, my left arm goes numb and my hands feel cold. It is so uncomfortable that i can not sleep at night without a bra to keep my brest sturdy. I am going to the gyno this week for a mammogram because I am so afraid that it may be cancer. Any help would be appreciated on this. I do not feel any lumps (my MD checked as well and could not feel anything) but I know my body and there is something wrong. Thanks.
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Dear Niner2224,  The symptoms that you describe can be due to a number of conditions and would need to be evaluated in context of history and physical examination.  There have been reports of systemic problems possibly related to leakage of silicone from breast implants, however, the reports have not been scientifically validated.  Saline implants have not been implicated in such problems.  
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