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C-erb-B2 mutation

What is known by C-erb-B2 mutationa and breast cancer.
Is it good to continue the treatment with Nolvadex after 5 years.

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Thank you for the quick answer.  I inform my patient.
God bless you too.
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Hi there.

The amplification of the cERBB2 gene in breast cancer cells is associated with a more aggressive cancer phenotype.  This gene is amplified in about 20 - 30% of cases.  At the present though, two drugs already target the overexpressed protein.  These drugs are Herceptin and Lapatinib and has been shown to improve outcomes in breast cancer patients.

The benefit of hormonal treatment beyond 5 years is only demonstrated with the drug Femara (MA17 study) and I'm not aware of similar trials involving Novladex.

Regards and God bless.
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