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Dear Spottie:  Teacup calcifications are a description ofhow the calcifications look on the mammogram.  It is a radiologic finding.  The following is an article by Dr. Lisa Forrest Baron found on emedicine.com: "Calcifications are usually classified into 3 categories: malignant, indeterminate, or benign. Malignant calcifications may appear as casting (linear and branching) or pleomorphic (granular). Benign calcifications include dermal calcifications (tangential views can be useful), vascular calcifications (parallel tracks), coarse popcorn-like calcifications (fibroadenoma), large rod-like calcifications (secretory), round calcifications, lucent-centered or eggshell calcifications (oil cysts, fat necrosis), milk-of-calcium calcifications (layering or teacup), suture calcifications, and dystrophic calcifications. Indeterminate microcalcifications do not fit into the benign or malignant categories. Tissue biopsy is recommended for calcifications that are classified as either malignant or indeterminate."
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