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Calcification of Lymph nodes

I have a question on what could cause calcification of lymph nodes, is it cancer, or could it be something else?
The calcification of two auxiliary lymph nodes on my right side showed up on a bone scan.  This in itself is strange according to my oncologist.  My history is that I was diagnosed four years ago with Stage IIb invasive breast cancer that was also in four lymph nodes on my left side.  I had a modified radical mastectomy, followed by chemo (AC & Taxol), radiation, and tamoxifen.  I was disease free for three years.  Metastes was then found in vertebrae T-5, T-9, T-10 and T-11.  I had radiation and then an oopherectomy, which found a borderline tumor for ovarian cancer.  My oncologist has had me on Femara and Zometa for the last year.  

Thank you.
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Dear 4yearsout, Calcifications can be found in any area of the body, are in themselves not a problem.  They can be due many things such as normal wear and tear, a area of past injury, it can also be present in an area of malignancy.  The question is what do you do with this information, and it needs to be evaluated in context of the entire clinical picture.
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calcified nodes are not really rare, and typically are the result of some past, healed infection. TB is well-known to cause them, for example. Cancer is not.
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