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Calcifications in breast

asymmetry posterior superior left breast best seen on MLO view. persists on spot compression imaging. on magnification views there are amorphous loosely grouped calcifications best seen on MLO views. they are not well visualized on cc view and are faintly visualized on true lateral view. Right breast was normal. 2021 mammogram was normal for both breast. Thoughts

mom, sister and 2 aunts had breast cancer. genetic testing revealed variant of unknown signficance on palb2 gene
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I had calcifications in one breast that met all the criteria, each specific one, for being suspicious of cancer. I had a BiRad of 5. After my needle biopsy, thankfully, it turned out they were not cancer. What is your status now? Have you had follow up?
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I have been scheduled for two biopsies and on the day of each they were not done. On the last one the radiologist said I don’t see what they say come back in 6 month. I have sent my film to another surgeon to evaluate
I had to go every 6 months for a full year after the calcifications were removed. Were they saying that because they calcifications were removed and were benign? I'm a little confused? I know this is really scary. After this happened to me, it took years for me to get another mammogram which is the complete opposite of what I should have done. But the anxiety was fierce. I only had ONE biopsy though. There is a marker where the calcifications were left there to monitor the area in the future. Nothing has developed and it has been 15 years now. I had a radiologist read the report but the person I saw was a oncologist/breast surgeon. My doctor (gp) got the mammogram results and sent me to the breast surgeon immediately. Is that a possibility for you?
The first Dr was a breast surgeon but didn’t want to biopsy because he said he didn’t have correct equipment. So I went back to the mammogram place for them to do a stereotactic biopsy. The radiologist said she wasn’t going to do one because she didn’t see what the first radiologist saw and the calcifications that she saw could have been from a surgery I had 5 years ago. Although this is the first mammogram that I had was abnormal and calcifications were seen. It didn’t add up so I sent to another surgeon
Update: the new surgeon agrees with the first radiologist. I now have to do another mammogram and ultrasound in January.
Had another mammogram and ultrasound .
There is a focal asymmetry measuring 25 millimeters with indistinct margins seen in posterior depth upper outer region of left breast.  The focal asymmetry is an interval change since 2021. Image seen on magnified and spot compression images. Birads 4 suspicious core biopsy recommended
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I'm checking back to see if you have had this mammogram yet or when it is scheduled for.
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tomorrow. The radiologist that read my old films recommended a new mammogram. He also wants to do an ultrasound. His reported stated there is a 3.5cm focal asymmetry with calcifications.
How did it go? I'm so hoping you get good news!
have biopsy scheduled 2/2
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