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Called back after mammogram what do this mean?

Findings on mammogram said: "There are scattered areas of fibroglandular density. There is
a possible area of architectural distortion in the superior right breast
seen on the MLO view. No definitive mass or clustered
microcalcifications are seen within either breast."

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Thank you for the question and hopefully you have had an opportunity to follow up with your doctor to explain these imaging results.  You had an abnormal mammogram. When that happens, the radiologist assigns a score of 0 to 6.  A bi rad of 6 means cancer is certain.  The numbers go down from there.  It is a positive that your score is 0 which means this is really just a double check for the areas of density that they can not fully clear to their satisfaction.  Architectual distortion just means that there is an area that they can't see well and it is distorted or disturbed.

Calls back for a second look mammogram are very common and usually result in an all clear being given. Please keep that in mind. They want to feel confident that you do not have any findings of breast cancer.  That your bi rad is so low and from their description, it appears they mostly just want to check an area that they didn't have a clear view of.  This means they are taking good care of you and would suspect that you will be able to report no cancer after this second mammogram. Please let us know.
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