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Can Itchy/pain w/ no visible signs be IBC?

For 4 days now my left breast has been itchy from under my arm to surrounding my nipple.  On saturday I noticed it was itchy but thought nothing of it.  By sunday morning when I had been woken up a few times during the night and it was still there 24 hrs later I became concerned.  There is nothing visibly wrong with the outside of my breast (no redness, change in skin texture, bumps, lumps).  After it still being itchy yesterday morning and again getting woken up by itchiness through out the night I went to the doctors.  She observed the same thing I did, nothing visible.  However when she was palpating I did have some pain.  I'm scheduled for an ultrasound on friday morning.
Unfortunately about 4 hours after I left the doctors, my breast started to hurt and itch at the same time.  The closest description I could come up with is that it feels like a pimple does when it doesn't come to a head (itchy, sore, and pressure).    

The first thing that came to my mind on sunday morning when it was just itching was IBC.  Over a year ago I saw a news story about it. It was about a women who happend to get it while she was nursing, which my best friend was doing at the time, so it stuck out in my mind. I just remembered that one of the signs of it was itchiness. What concerns me is I know it is hard to diagnois to begin with, and it doesn't show up in ultrasounds, although ultrasound may show abnormalities in the lymph nodes.  I'm basically wondering if my ultrasound comes back negative, should I go back to the doctor with my concerns?

As far as a little history, I'm 31.  I do have some risk factors, I have large dense breasts, my grandmother and aunt did have tumors removed although they were benign, my great aunt did have breast cancer and had to get a masectomy, and I have been on depo-provera for 5 years.

I know I may be over reacting but everytime I do a search on itchiness I come back with a bunch of websites about breast cancer, which doesn't help.  Although my symptoms can point towards a cyst, which are fairly common, and which I hope it is, I like to be well informed. Which is why I decided to post and see if there is a possibility that it could be IBC even though I'm not showing any physical signs.
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Wow, I just came across your post.  I just posted a similar one a few minutes ago.  I noticed no one had answered your question yet, but I wanted to at least let you know that you're not alone and I have the same questions myself.  I have not made a doctor's appt yet.  I hope you (and I) hear from someone soon...

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Have you tried taking benadryl or putting neosporin cream on it. It sounds like an allergy.
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I have not. The itching/pain isn't on the skin it is inside the breast.  I don't think it is an allergy. I have allergies to many things, and this doesn't feel like that. I can only use certain soaps, certain shampoos/conditioners otherwise I get eczema.  I can't wear makeup either, my eyes either itch like crazy, I get a rash, or I break out in zits.  Also if I pet a cat and touch my face, my neck and face breakout in hives/red blotches. My breast skin is completely smooth (minus the stretch marks that I have always had), and white as white can be, there isn't any bumps either. The pain/itchiness pretty much takes up the whole left side of my breast.  The itchiness is there constantly it goes from I can feel a pressure type itchiness to I HAVE TO SCRATCH NOW. The pain occurs when I move around or press against it. Although I found if press my left arm into the side it doesn't hurt as much when I walk.  
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