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Can a IDC diagnosis be mistaken for IBC after lumpectomy?

I had a 5mm nodule punch biopsied on my left side sternum. The report said “Invasive ductal carcinoma, final Nottingham grade 2 (Tubule score 3, nuclear score 2, mitosis score 1) Total Nottingham score 6. Dermal lymphatic invasion is present. I then had a lumpectomy 2 weeks later that said Final Result: pT4d—which no one noticed (not even tumor board) but me that it meant inflammatory breast cancer. When I told my surgeon, she said it was a “typo” and that it was IDC—pT4b. The oncologist called me and said I needed dose dense AC/T chemo right away. Before the lumpectomy I had a mammogram, US, PET/CT and MRI—all with no findings of carcinomas. Six months later I had another PET/CT which was clear. The breast surgeon said she saw a recurrence on the lumpectomy scar line and did another punch biopsy with the same results as the first. Again recommending dose dense chemo. I decided to see a dermatologist and had her do a punch biopsy directly next to the last one. The results were: Histologic sections show irregular lobules and thin linear aggregates of atypical squamous epithelium extending into dermis and subcutaneous fat. There is no connection with the overlying epidermis.  I was referred to a different oncologist who said if I wasn’t planning on taking chemo, then what was I doing there?  This was after she spoke with the original surgeon.  This all seems very unusual and contradictory and I don’t know what to think.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.   (I also have severe rheumatoid arthritis for 13 years).
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  This does sound confusing and I'm so very sorry you are experiencing this situation.  Has there been any updates since you posted?  I'm a little confused by your post.  Did you ever begin the chemo?  As your Nottingham score total was 6, I would stay working with your oncologist that gave you that score.  I'd pass on all findings from that doctor to a second if you want a second opinion.  The breast surgeon is now saying that you have the same situation on he scar line as initially?  
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Yes. I had a total resection of bilateral mastectomy by a different surgeon and had 18 rounds of radiation. All margins were clear. I went to see him 5 months later to see if it was alright to go back on a biologic for my severe rheumatoid arthritis and he said “Certainly! You’re fine”. I think I would now like to have my biopsy slides sent to a large pathology lab to have them re-evaluated (which I feel should have had in the first place). I was and still am against any kind of chemo , especially since I never got a proper diagnosis to begin with. They just kept saying it was a “unique” case.  I am more confused than ever. Thanks for taking the time to read this and any advice you can give me.
I am sorry I am just now responding back to you.  You've had such a journey!  Appreciate your keeping me updated.  I think it is a great idea to have these slides reviewed at a different pathology center.  Lingering questions about something so important shouldn't be there.  Deciding on chemo or not is very personal.  I think it often is what will prolong someone's life although a good oncologist will also factor in quality of life with that.  You don't want to completely sacrifice the quality for prolonging. The very good news is that today's regimens are easier than ever to take.  Especially at the starting point. But again, you'd have to see what they recommend and what the normal situation is for someone taking that chemo.  Let us know an an update are at and I will respond sooner
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