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Can silicone leaks cause lumps ?or can you develop scar tissue 8 years later ?

Two lumps now on my chest wall, 8 years after a double mastectomy, lumps did not show on an ultrasound, tech try's to tell me it is probably a part of my implants. I have had these for 8 years, lumps are new. could the lumps be from leaks, and or can you develop scar tissue 8 years later ?
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums. We appreciate your question and apologize for the delay in answering.  We understand you have spoken to a 'tech' but highly recommend that you ask these questions of your doctor.  That's the best source for understanding about these two lumps.  Are they recommending further follow up imaging to investigate these lumps? That should be recommended.  

What type of implants do you have?  Obviously a saline implant is unlikely to cause a lump as the saline works itself out through the body.  This scenario would be more possible with silicone breast implants.  There are some brands more associated with this as well.  You should receive a full review of the lumps though which may include biopsy.  


Please let us know how this discussion goes with your doctor and what your next steps are.  Best to you.
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I am waiting to see a doctor, my implants are silicone, they can't get me in for a couple of weeks after the ultra sound. I have to see a breast doctor next I guess which is what I am waiting for. I am getting used to the waiting by now, but getting tired of the long wait between appointments. Once you have a mastectomy the sense of urgency is gone, kind of irritating honestly.  tempted to call my plastic surgeon but am trying to follow the instructions I was given.  I try not to think it over too much.
I am sure waiting is hard and frustrating. Sorry you are going through this.  Silicone implants will sometimes produce these lumps.  It is a good idea not to think too much when you have no facts as of yet.  Please do let us know how your doctors visit goes.
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