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Cancer and Cardiovascular risks

I am writing on the connection of cancer in general (but breast cancer is specific) on cardiovascular risk associated with breast cancer.  I am aware that treatment, whether it be chemo or radiation, can cause issues but I have been unable to find anything to support that the cancer itself causes problems.  My prof assures me that it does.  If anyone could help me out, or point me in the right direction on this topic I would be very grateful.
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I know of no particular risk of cardiovascular disease due to Breast Cancer. You are correct that some of the medications used in the treatment of BC do cause Cardiac issues. I suppose you could count the stress of merely having been diagnosed with BC  ... IF ... you consider stress as a risk factor in developing Cardiovascular Disease.   Regards .....
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Let's say that a small fragment detaches itself from the tumor (as it often happens in metastasis) and ends up in the blood stream, where it forms an embolus. The embolus  blocks the flow of blood in small vessels and causes  thrombosis, ischemia, infarction, or stasis in the affected area/organ and then systemically, resulting in multiple organ failure and disseminated intravascular coagulation.
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It has been my understanding that mets is related to cancer cells being present in the lymphatic system and that a piece of a tumor breaking off would be almost unheard of in the case of Breast Cancer. I believe the original poster was speaking of RISK rather than actual occurrence.
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Metastasis refers to cancer cells traveling to distant sites via the blood stream and/or lymphatic system. Vascular invasion is quite common in breast cancer. The clusters of metastatic cells end up in the blood stream/lymphatic system by actually breaking off from the primary tumor (how else would they get to distant organs?).
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If you care  post please post your questions/comments separately in a new thread rather than attached to someone else's post. I see that you are directing comments to me and not to the original poster ("mourning") OR you may send me a private message if you wish.   Thanks, "japdip" CL Breast Cancer Community.
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