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I'm 61. I've had lupus for 2 years and was just diagnosed with DCIS cancer and had surgery last Thursday. Will have to do radiation. Do I have to go back to my job at a call center where no-one wears a mask?? I love my job but am worried about getting sick.
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That's really understandable!  Could you do your job from home?  In an isolated spot?  You do have a compromised immune system with all you have going on most likely and are higher risk.  I would talk to your HR person to see if you have any other options.  How are you feeling by the way?
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Thank you for your answer. I appreciate it. I really do need to be at my job. I guess ill just stick with it and keep protecting myself. I am on hydroxychloroquine so I'm invincible. Haha. I am doing ok and thank you for asking.
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Hi Mookie04.  How are you??  Any update on what is going on? Hope you are doing alright and that you've been able to work.  Happy Holidays to you
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