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Chances of cancer?

Left breast mammogram: There is a cluster of microcalcifications
within the 9 o'clock position of the left breast in the middle 3rd.
These appear linear and branching. Recommend stereotactic guided
biopsy. Because the position may be difficult for stereotactic biopsy
options were also discussed including needle localization, short-term
follow-up or possible ultrasound.
Right breast ultrasound: Within the 2 o'clock position of the right
breast 3 cm from the nipple there is a 12 mm hypoechoic mass with long
axis parallel to the skin surface. This is well-circumscribed however
micro lobulations are suggested.
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So, many years ago, I had a breast cancer scare. And BOY, was I scared. It was actually my very first mammogram. I got a call that I got a BiRad of 5! With microcalcifications that met multiple criteria for concern (number, shapes, edges, etc.).  The Bi Rad scale is 0 to 6 and the radiologist rates an 'abnormal' mammogram on that scale. 0 is likely not cancer at all and 6 is almost definite cancer. Needless to say, that 5 scared the poop out of me. I went to a specialist within days of the results. I had a needle biopsy. And waited. I did not have cancer. So, I tell you this because that is very often the case. Mammograms are highly sensitive and flag things. We have follow up to make sure we're okay. That covers your left breast. Get the needle biopsy. And know that it very well could be fine.

Right breast. A hypoehoic mass means it is dense. It does not always mean something is wrong. The mass is more solid than usual and needs investigation. Did they assign a Birad score to this for you? Really, hypoechoic means it is solid and not liquid. It's a lesion or  mass and NOT a cyst. That's all it can mean. The percentage is that only .04 percent of these findings turn out malignant. Keep that in mind.

But you have to find out. Let me know the results of your follow up.
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Hi sorry for taking so long to update. I went in on July 12th and had the 2nd biopsy and everything came back good. They were able to remove most of the spot that they had seen. So everything is good to go.
Thank you so much for commenting.
I have actually had biopsies on both sides and everything was good. I now have a pink breast cancer ribbon on the right side, and a butterfly on the right side. :-)
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