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Chemo or not

i'm just 28 years i've been diagnosed to have a breast cancer . My tumor size is 1.7 cm stage 1 with no lymp nodes negative but Grade 3 . I had a lumpectomy and lympe node surgery  3 weeks ago .Now it's time to the treatment and 2 doctor advice the chemotheraphy plus radiation and hormone theraphy . do i have to go through the chemotheraphy for a stage  1 . why not do the oncotypes dx first .? there are no family history of breast cancer on my family
please need advice
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So sorry about your diagnosis! specially at your young age.... You didn't mention if the cancer has spread to your lymph nodes.Even if the nodes were not affected,by having a grade 3 tumor it certainly would be necessary to be treated also with Chemotherapy as your doctors have recommended.A grade 3 (not to be confused with stage 1) tumor is high and it should be treated aggressively.The only advice one could give you is just to follow the plan that your doctors have prepared for you....they know everything about your case and I am sure that they have your best interest at heart.Please let us know how things are going and I sure hope that everything will turn up alright for you.Best wishes and God Bless.
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Do any of you have mucinous carcinoma    or colloid type of cancer. This is the kind of breast cancer I have.  
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