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Chemotherapy (TAC) 4 cycles or 6 cycles

I was diagnosed with stage I (DCIS, 2 cm in size) breast cancer on April and had lumpectomy in early May and no lymph node involvement was found. However, the pathology report stated the tumor cells are triple negative (ER/PR/HER2 negative).

I just finished 2 cycles of my chemotherapy, and here is the protocol  
Docetaxel                   75 mg/m2
Doxorubicin                 50 mg/m2
Cyclophosphamide      500 mg/m2
Repeat cycle every 21 days for total 6 cycles
Can I just have 4 cycles instead of 6 cycles?
Please help me out for that!.
Thank you so much!
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Hi there.

Chemotherapy drugs are given per strict protocols.  Presently there is no protocol concerning only 4 cycles of TAC.  There is a protocol of 4 cycles of AC with a different dose compared to that from TAC.  It seems like over-kill for me to use such an aggressive TAC treatment for someone with stage I and lymph node negative breast cancer but I'm sure your oncologist have a good reason to implement such.

If you are already started on TAC, then it is better to finish all the cycles for maximum clinical benefit (in terms of lowering chance of cancer recurrence and spread).

Regards and God bless.
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Thanks a lot for your time.

I think my oncologist use TAC is because of my age (41), and my type is triple negative (a very bad type).

I talked to him about 4 cycles TAC, he told me he would agree with me if I feel confortable with that.

My worry is that what if the TAC does not work on the tumor (since there is noway to check it out), but my immune system may be destroyed by the chemo after 6 cycles TAC.

I have two children (7 and 12 years old), and I think a lot about them.

Please let me know your thoughts, and thank you very much!

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Ask your doctor if you can take a vitamin supplement to build up your immune system during chemo.  Look into getting a vitamin that detoxifies so it will help your liver and kidneys.  I am also triple neg with no node involment and I am taking 4 rounds of Taxotore/Cytoxan. I have heard that it is the protocal at the Mayo Clinic and it does not affect your heart like Admircycin does.  I have 1 done and 3 to go.  It was a difficult decision for me to take chemo as I hate what it does to my good cells but the doctors said that it was a smart move.  I am taking vitamins every day to keep my immune system strong during this.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Yihong,

I am so happy that you have no nodes involved that is a MAJOR positive for you!!

Now I dont know if this helps but I have 1 node involved, 2.9 cm tumor, stage 2, er-,pr+,her2+ and my doc had me do 4 rounds of AC, followed by 4 rounds of taxotere once every 3 weeks. Hope my info help some.

Take Care,

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