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Chord like lump and dimpling

I recently found a chord like lump that runs from my armpit to behind my areola. Mammogram and Ultrasound were done last thursday and the Radiologist said no cancer, but he couldn't tell me what it is. Mentioned a thrombosed vein possibly, which there is nothing you can do about, but told me after several years the pain could possibly decrease. And recommended against a biopsy or futher diagnosis. There is no apprent blood flow, but it's about 6cm long and painful to the touch. I was told to watch it and if it hurt more to come back. This morning I went to check the lump and there are now 2 chord like viens with dimpling over both and swollen skin inbetween when I lift my arm above my head. Anyone have suggestions on what I should do next or experience anything similar to this?

Thanks in advance!
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Dear lucylukuz:  Without evaluation, it is impossible for us to speculate on what this might be.  If it appears to be worsening, you might want to recheck with your doctor or perhaps a breast specialist.  These are often affiliated with large academic medical centers.
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This was diagnosed as Mondors disease
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