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Chronic pain after bilateral mastectomy and attempted reconstruction--1 1/2 out

I am 30 years old and underwent a simple bilateral mastectomy--without removal of any lymph nodes--when I was 28. I had chronic fibrocystic breast disease and suffered from chronic infection and limited mobility. I underwent the mastectomy as what seemed to be my last option to rid myself of the terrible infections I was having. I underwent several surgeries due to a ruptured capsule surrounding my tissue expander, more infections, torn surgical sites, etc. I took care of myself and limited all of my activity. When I finally was able to have the reconstruction done I suffered yet another infection and I had to remove one of the implants. Another infection followed on the other side and lost the other implant. After all of this, I now suffer even more pain across my chest, under my arms, and have swollen lymph nodes all along my neck and left rib cage. I have seen physicians and they tell me it's trauma from all of my surgeries. I have a poor immune system now and any infections I have had since are extremely hard to get rid of with oral antibiotics. I have swelling in my arm and hand as well. My plastic surgeon told me that I was no longer his problem and will not see me. I am frustrated and sick of being sick! My son misses his mommy and my boyfriend is getting frustrated as there seems to be no end. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do? My doctors have no other advice for me and I have just lost my insurance so now I can't find any new doctors.
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I am so sorry to hear that you have such a rough time with infections,pain etc...
Med Help has a Forum that deals with "granulomatus-mastitis" which is a type of infection that it's hard to heal.There are several women who have posted there and you might find a lot of information concerning this type of mastitis,and which doctor can better help you.
I really hope that something can be done to better your situation.

Please click on the link below.

PS. The swelling in your arm and hand could be "Lymphedema"Please click on this link to know what to do about this problem also.


Wishing you all the best...
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Thanks!  I did get mastitis quite often when I had breasts but nobody has said anything about it since I have had all of my surgeries.  Can it be possible to still get this when I have no breast tissue?  I will definitely check it out!  Have a wonderful day :-)
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Hi again,
Yes,it is possible that the infection recurs with this stubborn disease.The breast tissue is not completely removed with a mastectomy.Some tissue still remains below the breast, and under the breast bone, and in the axilla.
I am glad that you'll have this problem checked out and I sincerely hope that you'll soon find relief.
Take care....
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