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Clear nipple discharge scared

So , 1 month ago i squeezed my left breast nipple and a clear liquid came about like 2 drops , i freaked out i did the same to my right breast and also it did secret clear liquid too just like the other left breast , so later on i went to my gp told her all of what happened , she ordered horomons blood tests among them a prolactin blood test , they all came back normal , so gp asked me to stop squeezing my breasts because it won't stop if i kept squeezing , now i developed anxeity over breast cancer and every second i squeeze that i hurt my nipples so bad ,i did stop squeezing for about a week and the discharge stopped but i am back again to squeezing , i suffer from health anxeity so have you got any idea about  why i clear liquid comes out from my both nipples only when squeezed?
I just turned 21 and i am scared to have breast cancer
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Nipple discharge is normal and very common when the breasts are squeezed and it's rarely a sign of breast cancer. The discharge can come in a variety of colors - gray, green and brown as well as white.
Some women are more prone to nipple discharge especially when they are on birth control pills, certain blood pressure medications or on major tranquilizers.
I agree with your Doctor to avoid nipple stimulation (including frequent checks for discharge) because it can actually make the discharge persist. If you stop squeezing the nipple, the discharge will also stop.
When to be alarmed about nipple discharge, it's when it happens only on one side, comes out spontaneously (without squeezing), is persistent and bloody or is associated with a lump, nipple or skin changes etc...
So please stop worrying and heed your Doctor’s advice okay?.
Take care...
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Thank you for your response , I appreciate it
I am feeling terrified because I made things worse , because of squeezing so much , a Montgomery gland on the left nipple it self now is irritated , it looks bloody , however it won't bleed its just I can see that its filled with blood from irritation I am causing , the fluid from both nipples are still clear no blood , but on my left nipple as I said I irritated it so bad that the montogomery gland is blood filled I push on it but it won't bleed any advices on what should I do , I am sure I have caused this from the pushing on nipple every minute , because even though the clear discharge my nipple looked healthy.
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You are welcome.
As I mentioned before, please just LEAVE it alone! I am sure you have caused all these irritations from pressing your nipples. Keep the area clean, apply a little Neosporin and cover the area with an adhesive bandage.
If you notice swelling and redness, see your Doctor ASAP to make sure you don’t have an infection that needs to be treated with a course of Antibiotics.
Again, please take my advice and STOP causing more damage to your nipples.
Take care now…
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Thank you once again for your help
I will follow your advice and keep the area clean and leave it alone
No there's no swelling or redness
I also have to get my anxiety under control cause up till now it only made things worse .
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Good for you! I am sure the irritation will gradually disappear, providing you discontinue squeezing your nipples.
Best wishes…
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